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In consideration of our neighbor, the club has instituted a new parking arrangement whereby 3 spaces to the left of the
clubhouse are designated for compact cars only. This allows our neighbor a more convenient access entering and exiting
his property. Please abide by this new arrangement by not parking full-size sedans - SUV's- or trucks in these three spaces.

Posted 27 June 2016

"SRGC Member Identification Cards"
Sippican Rod and Gun Club has been issuing individual member identification cards for several months,
which will shortly become mandatory for wear (1Aug16) while using club ranges.
The ID cards do not eliminate the current door pass cards issued to members
but are intended to be worn in addition to them and visible whenever a
member is utilizing club range facilities.
Many of the cards have been issued, but many members still have not received theirs.
ID Cards will be available at the club house on Thursday, 30 June from 6:30 – 8:30 PM
and on Sunday 10 July from 9:00 to 12:30 PM.
If you are in need of a card and are in the area, drop by and pick yours up.
Takes only a minute and you are on your way.